Our original ambition was to be a global brand.

An artist, I have tried different materials to find the best meaning to display my feelings.

Samira was born in 1985, in Tehran. She did her bachelor's at the "Art University" of Tehran. If her major was sculpture, she had a good chance to experiment with a wide range of materials to work with. As you may know, sculpturists work with their hands and it is vital to touch the material with fingers. It gives them the feeling of being the creator of the artwork.

Samira and her aunt who is called Zohreh had an idea to work as a team called "Dasta" and start their own business to introduce old art to the new generation. Felt production was mostly used as a floor covering. Felt was flexible in shape and color so its quality made it possible for "Dasta" to create unlimited goods such as bags, backpack, accessory, cushion, etc. They produced the base material with their bare hands and did embroidery designs on them which made the bags more than simple personal belonging, it was an artistic handicraft.

The main focus was on bags with the natural felt with leather handles that had mostly flower designs on. Fortunately, they could grab the attention of some galleries, so it motivated them to produce more goods also in various sizes.

Our approach

To keep variety in production, they tried new methods which are used in Germany. And still, they are open to learning and trying innovative approaches to presenting old material as a new Iranian artwork to the world.